Natalie Portman’s Kids Are Starting To Use Australian Slang

The Oscar-winning actress has been shooting ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ in Australia alongside Chris Hemsworth, and she’s revealed that her children Amalia, three, and Aleph, nine are starting to use the local lingo.

Natalie, 39 – who is married to dancer Benjamin Millepied – shared: “When you want something, they say lollies instead of candy, tomato sauce instead of ketchup. When you want what you want, you gotta say it like the locals.”

The acclaimed actress also did her own impression of an Australian during her appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

She said: “I’d like some tomato sauce with my chips.”

Natalie is reprising the role of Jane Foster to star in the new ‘Thor’ movie alongside Chris, who plays the titular role in the Marvel film, and she’s admitted to being wowed by her co-star.

Chris, 37, recently posted a picture of himself on social media as he prepared to star in the movie, and Natalie described his bulging muscles as “otherworldly”.

She added: “He is looking good.

“It’s a lot of pressure. I’m going to look like his little grandma next to him.”

Meanwhile, Natalie previously described her own mother Shelley as a “miracle person”.

The actress has developed a a renewed appreciation for her mother since having children of her own.

Natalie who was born in Jerusalem but subsequently moved to the US – explained: “When I was growing up, I was like, ‘What does she do all day?’ And now I think, ‘How did she get everything done in a day?’

“She did it all, without any help, and kept her relationship going with my dad, despite travelling and taking care of him and me. She’s a miracle person.”

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