Messi Fined 600 Euros For Tribute To Maradona

The Competition Committee met on Wednesday to discuss the yellow card for Leo Messi for paying tribute to Maradona and the body decided to impose a fine of 600 euros for breach of Article 91 of the Disciplinary Code. Barcelona was also punished to the tune of 180 euros.

he football world is still mourning Maradona’s passing. In the last few days there have been some goodbyes, like the one of Messi last Sunday against Osasuna.

The Rosario native, who scored a great goal, took advantage of the moment and dedicated it to ‘Pelusa’. The Argentinean took off the Barcelona shirt and revealed a Newell’s jersey with the ’10’, a club where Diego played between 1993 and 1994.

That emotional tribute led Leo to receive a yellow card and the Competition Committee has upheld it after the meeting on Wednesday. The body also imposed a fine of 600 euros on the player for failing to comply with Article 91 of the Disciplinary Code.

Barca was not left out, as it was sanctioned with an additional fine of 180 euros for violating article 52 of the Disciplinary Code.

The azulgrana team, which already sent a letter requesting the removal of the yellow, has a ten days deadline to appeal to the Appeals Committee to have the fine and Messi’s caution removed.

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