Liverpool Boss Jurgen Klopp Was Left Frustrated By The Fuxture Schedule

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp exploded against ‘BT Sport’ because of the English football schedule and Gary Neville has answered the German manager from ‘Sky Sports’.

Milner was injured in the match against Brighton and Klopp was asked about it in the post-match interview. The coach arrived annoyed and had no qualms about sending a message to ‘BT Sport’.

“Yes, Milner is muscular. Congratulations to ‘BT Sport’. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, you guys have chosen the 1:30 pm time slot. We did, at that time. And there will be one more before the end of the year. These are difficult times,” said Klopp.

A few days later, Gary Neville, who works with Sky Sports, replied and gave his opinion on what the coach said about this season’s schedule.

“I know he complained to ‘BT Sport’, but on some things I agree with him. On a personal level I hated playing at twelve o’clock after the Champions League because I noticed that the legs were not the same. It was like eating pasta at nine in the morning,” he said.

But Gary Neville, after understanding Klopp, expressed his disapproval of what the Liverpool man said because he thought there was no disadvantage for them.

“When I was playing, this was already happening. It is not a problem of now, but the problem comes from 18 years ago. Liverpool have no disadvantage in terms of the volume of matches and I don’t think Klopp feels he is at a disadvantage. If you are successful, they want to see you in Asia and the Premiership will pay for that and so will the international operators,” he concluded.

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