Clea Duvall Would Love To Make A Sequel To Her Festive Hit Happiest Season

The movie stars Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis as a lesbian couple Abby and Harper, who head to Harper’s parents for the holidays, only for Abby to discover that Harper is still in the closet and they need to pretend to be roommates.

The film has proved a big hit for streaming service Hulu in the U.S. since its release last week, and in an interview with Variety, director and co-writer DuVall, who has said the flick is autobiographical in a lot of ways, shared that she would be up for making a sequel and has already got some ideas in mind.

“I would love to do a sequel,” she said. “I mean, I have a couple of ideas. We all had such a great time making the movie that we were talking about it then. But it was also just like, who knew if anybody would care about the movie or not? So I definitely am more than open to it.

Happiest Season is the first festive romantic comedy about a same-sex couple to be made by a major Hollywood studio and it was originally supposed to be released in cinemas, but was sold to Hulu in the U.S. amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since its debut, it’s broken Hulu records – the movie had the best viewership for any original film on the service in its opening weekend, and attracted more new subscribers than any other previous feature title.

“I’m really just so thrilled that people are watching the movie and are affected by it, and having conversations about it,” DuVall said about its success. “There’s been so little visibility that for something like this to come out and be so visible and so seen and wanted to be seen by so many people – it’s very humbling. It’s really wild.”

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