Ana Maradona Has Come Out To Deny Some Reports

Diego Armando Maradona’s sister, Ana Maradona, has come out and slammed Dalma and Gianina, the Argentinian legend’s daughters.

he loss of Diego Armando Maradona has been difficult for the family. They have had to clear up the ’10’ inheritance and that has led to plenty of court cases. Diego’s sister has now strongly criticised his daughters.

Ana Marafona appeared on the programa “Los Angeles de la mañana’ on ‘Trece’ to say that she has never lived off the ex-footballer’s money.

“None of my children and none of my sibling’s children lived off Diego. He was very generous and he sometimes gave us something as a present, but nothing else. We didn’t live off him,” he said.

The legend’s sister talked about how his daughters lived and said that they did enjoy his money. “They would never have lived like that did without him. They should keep quiet. We do feel pain. We were never interested in the thing about the will.”

Ana Maradona then focussed on Dalma and Gianina. She said they had abandoned him and they never went to see Diego.

“We went to defend Diego and to show that he had family because his daughters had abandoned him. His daughters never went to see him and we can prove that,” she continued.

Diego’s sister urged the programme to interview Dalma and Gianina: “Ask his daughters when they saw him because we never came across them. Jana did and she went with Diego Fernando. We have nothing against them, but they are against us and we don’t know why.”


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